Accessible rooms

Stunning accessible rooms

The Freedom Range by Symphony can truly harmonise your home – developed in conjunction with the UK’s leading expert in accessible kitchen design, Adam Thomas, we can fully deliver products designed to meet individual requirements and provide solutions for multi-generational homes.

Do you struggle to bend down and access low cupboards, fridges or storage spaces? Or do you need wheelchair access to help with more severe movement issues?

Whatever the scope of your accessibility need – Palmers can help provide the solution.

Freedom Range

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of the household and a space to bring people together. A place to experiment, create and entertain without limitations.

We can create an innovative collection of kitchens, that can designed to your requirements and is ideal for multi-generational households. Our kitchens combine functionality and style by offering you the freedom of independence in your kitchen whilst combining a selection of beautiful finishes to create a perfect kitchen for you.

The joy of a family coming together cannot be matched. Our exciting new Freedom collection allows all generations to enjoy a space without limitations. Freedom creates an environment where socialising, entertaining interacting comes as a second nature.

An accessible design should be tailored to the needs of its user. Each space should be truly fit for purpose, using fundamental design principles to achieve the most inspiring space that encompasses safety, style and flexibility.

Creating your new accessible kitchen

Our highly trained designers can help you complete the 4 easy steps to creating your new accessible kitchen.

Step 1: Finding the look

Ordering the freedom brochure from Palmers will let you see how our products can bring your vision to life.

Step 2: The design

Our designers know it is important to look a the available space to understand the style you can achieve. Does this space lend itself to a U or L shaped kitchen? Will we be able to provide enough worktop space? Where will all the storage be? Our designers can plan all this for you.

Step 3: Choosing the right kitchen to suit your lifestyle

You can decide and discuss with your designer if you are looking for an area to entertain or are you looking for the ideal space to fit the family? The design will be done to fit your life so it is important you think about what you would like to do with the space.

Step 4: What features will you need?

Discuss with your designer whether you need a rise and fall worktop or would you want a fixed worktop with electric wall cabinets be better for you. Our handpicked offer means you won’t need to compromise on providing great access to the kitchen.

Our designers are equipped with a wealth of knowledge in accessible design, they know how to select a range of products to suit your requirements and are here to advise on how you can create the perfect look for your dream kitchen.

Call our showroom today 0115 982 0820 to make that initial appointment for a no obligation design appointment.

Exciting new Freedom display coming April 2019.

Practicality combined with quality

Designing practical solutions for ease of access doesn't have to mean compromising on quality.

Here at Palmers we take pride in providing bespoke design services for all of our customers, whatever their specific need.

Practicality combined with quality
Accessible solutions designed around your needs

Accessible solutions designed around your needs

Working with expert manufacturers in this field, Palmers can provide kitchens and bathrooms that will make your life that much easier. How about an eye level oven? Perhaps you need level access to a wet room?

Whatever your need, why not come and discuss it with our experienced designers and see what solutions are available?

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